A stunning website, built to book tables and get mouths watering.

The development and design team at Format created a website that showcases the modern vibe and Florida roots of the restaurant with thought and intention. Sleek farmhouse fonts and colors appear throughout, and custom illustrations allow users to experience the local, modern flavors of Coop 303 digitally.


Energetic photography that captures the essence of modern southern cuisine.

With an eye for catching the most important details, our photography team has captured the unique elements at the heart of the Coop 303 brand. Our high-quality, appetizing images create cravings within an instant of visiting the website, opening a newsletter, or scrolling past a post.


A lens to follow the journey from chef to plate, to server to you.

The concept to stick to with Coop 303's videography centers around the diner's experience, from in the kitchen to right before them in the dining room.


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