We've been filming on the railroad.

We've worked with CSX to create a variety of content covering everything from recruitment and training videos to corporate meetings and events. Our team has traveled the East Coast collecting footage documenting what it means to be a part of the CSX community.


Capturing every part of the CSX ecosystem—trainyard or office.

Our team has documented every aspect of CSX culture. From daily operations at trainyards and offices across the country to local community events and volunteer programs.


A unified look for a nationally recognized brand.

CSX is one of the most recognizable brands in the nation. Our team of designers has worked to shape and cultivate a strong brand image that represents the values and mission of the company across multiple digital and physical outlets.


Animation for a company on the move.

Our motion graphics capabilities add an extra layer of depth and quality to our videos and animated graphics. Our work for CSX has been featured on ESPN's national broadcasts and countless other projects.

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