About Us

Our photographers, videographers, designers, and marketers work in-house and collaborate to produce one cohesive vision.

We work with a wide range of clientele, from recognizable local brands to nationwide Fortune 500 companies.

Whether it's an entire campaign effort or a stand-alone project, our team of creatives collaborates to create measurable and memorable work.


Peter Jensen

Founder, CEO

Emily Fitzgerald

Operations Manager

Kyle Horton

Creative Director

Caitlyn Dobner

Office Manager

CJ Allen

Senior Account Strategist

LeeAnn Siegmann

Account Strategist

Chandler Merritt

Video Production Team Lead

Griffin Syverson

Senior Video Producer

Tyler Dunkley

Video Producer

Mitch Wiisanen

Video Producer

Cameron Korn

Motion Graphics Designer

Melissa Williams

Senior Art Director

Rachel Cazares

Senior Art Director

Daniel Riano

Art Director

Christopher Kelley

Senior Web Developer

Danny Norman

Digital Marketing Specialist

Emma Hilpert

Digital Marketing Specialist